you guys are so mean…

I mean… *tries to keep a staright face*


she does it every time though and she just sits there bitterly liking everything, you can tell because it pops up every few minutes and you’re feeling sorry for her but you’re still laughing!

It’s like you feel bad for her but you’re like “you really brought it on yourself…”


you guys are such bitches it’s hilarious.

I love how this is our thing now…

One of us reaches our post limit then the rest start mocking them…

( one woman fandom ): Okay, so it’s about time I addressed this to y’all because it’s...


Okay, so it’s about time I addressed this to y’all because it’s regarding the whirlwind surrounding my coming out earlier this year that caused me to delete my old Tumblr. I got this a few months later, but I’m still even now, cautious about talking about it. The night I posted on Tumblr that I had finally come out to my parents and family and everything, which was a daunting enough thing for me, I received 100 hate messages from anonymous bloggers.

Now, I’m sure none of you care about this, but this is why you should. It’s not just me, my friend Liam (x) says he gets hate messages and sometimes even death threats from anons, and it’s not actually acceptable.

So now I’m saying to all my haters and my followers that I will donate $10 dollars to the LGBT community for every hate message I or Liam get; to help people who are being bullied for their sexuality or those who are under a lot of pressure and may be feeling like harming themselves because of other people’s reactions to who they are.

Stop the hate, people.